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Hot Tub Ozonator Dual-Pump

Hook this up to your dual-pump hot tub and enjoy soothing warm water with fewer chemicals. Hook this up to your dual-pump hot tub and enjoy soothing warm water with fewer chemicals.


• Shipping weight in pounds: 3.0
• Assembled Country of Origin: USA
• Components Country of Origin: USA and/or Imported
• Warranty Length: 90 Days


• Power: 110-120 volt
• Connector type: AMP connector
• Cornona discharge

This ozonator Dual-Pump works with the following hot tubs:

• Weider Wasatch
• Weider Sierra
• Image 631

Use Less Chemicals With an Ozonator!

This hot tub is "ozone ready" which means that you can install an ozone generator (or "ozonator") to sanitize the water. This means you don't have to constantly use chemicals like chlorine. Ozone water purification is up to 3,000 times more powerful than ordinary water sanitizers and doesn't have that "chemical smell" normally found in pools and hot tubs. An ozonated hot tub will also last longer between water changes. Wondering how it works? It's really rather simple. Ozonators create ozone gas, then inject it into the water, killing bacteria.

Installation Instructions for the Ozonator for Dual-Pump:

• 1. Locate or install a dedicated spa jet.
• 2. Tee off the water return line to the dedicated spa jet. (Tee off after the heater and before the filter or after the filter) on a suction filter spa, tee off after the heater.
• 3. Plug the other side of the water side of the jet.
• 4. Install the brass barbed adapter to the air fitting on the dedicated jet, plug the other side, then install approximately 6-inch black ozone supply tubing to the barbed adapter and add the ozone check valve in an upright position in order that the air can go to the spa.
• 5. Connect the ozone supply tubing check valve and install a double loop above the water line.
• 6. Install the Ozonator, preferably in an upright position.
• 7. Start up the spa and make sure the supply tubing is sucking air, then connect the supply to the Ozonator.

Warranty Request Information:

If you would like to obtain a free copy of the manufacturer's warranty for a product offered on our site, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your written request to:
Attn: Warranty Department
7000 Marina Boulevard
Brisbane, CA 94005

Make sure to include the following information:
• Name of the manufacturer of the item
• Item's model number, and/or a description of the specific item for which you are requesting a copy of the warranty.

Depending on your geographical location, and the dimensions and weight of your package, shipping can take from 2 to 14 business days. USA domestic shipping only. Business Partnership with Wal-Mart for Ozonator Dual-Pump Hot Tub.
Hot Tub Ozonator
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