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Window Security Guard 3 Bars
(10" High)

Window Guard adds security to any window, whether you want to keep a potential intruder out, or keep a loved one safe inside or both. Mounts inside your double-hung window, and swings open into the room to allow for window cleaning or a quick exit. Can be locked using your own padlock, or the Remote Safety Release Lock (sold separately). Fire release safety pin included allows opening for a quick exit. Child-safe 3-1/2" spacing between each bar complies with guidelines established by the Consumer Products Safety Commission for playground equipment. Extends from 24" to 42" wide. Remote Safety Release Lock is attached to a 5'-long cable that mounts out of reach of children or outsiders. Window Guard instantly unlocks when lever is depressed by hand or foot. Keyless; non-electric. Mounting hardware included.

Specifications for Window Security Guard:

• 10 inches High
• Protect your family and home, deter break-ins
• No padlock needed
• Can be opened or removed with a key in seconds
• Adjustable width from 24" to 42"
• Can be installed from inside or outside
• Installation screws not accessible
• Provides a high level of security protection
• Paintable, includes installation screws and 2 keys

Depending on your geographical location, and the dimensions and weight of your package, shipping can take from 2 to 14 business days. USA domestic shipping only. Business Partnership with and for Window Security Guard at 14.99$.


Window Security Guard

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Price : 14.99 US$

Window Guard

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