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This link contains a press digest intended for individuals who wish to find out more about cocooning. It contains articles on recent trends in cocooning, its history and its relevance.


2005 Decorating Trends
(Maria Puente, USA TODAY, January 23rd, 2005)

Home Sweet Home
(Jo-Ann Kaiser, ISW Online, January, 2005)

The 10 trends that will shape 2005
(William Lyons, The Scotsman, December 24, 2004)

Chris Barrett on California Style
(Anne Krueger,, December 12, 2004)

10 Common Home Office Mistakes
(Lyve Alexis Pleshette,, December, 2004)

Hiving next trend after cocooning
(Associated Press,, November 6, 2004)

Taking Advantage of Trends: Cocooning
(Soni Pitts, September 24, 2004)

The multiplex is as close as the next room
(Gillian Drummond, Arizona Daily Star, February 2nd, 2004)

Cocooners evolving into new breed - butterflies - home goods & housewares
(DSN Retailing Today, January 5, 2004)

How to survive the hype on survival gear
(Jennifer Mulrean, CNBC, October, 2003)

T20-year-olds pulling out board games
(Anne Valdespino, Los Angeles Times, April 15, 2003)

Increased Demand for Home Electronics Sparks Sales Growth
(Melody ,, April 7, 2003)

Today's home trend: Peace and security
(John Handley, Chicago Tribune, March 7, 2003)

The New Reality
(Alev Aktar, Daily News Fashion and Beauty, January 1, 2003)

Family sanctuaries gain more importance
(Jim Kneiszel, GreenBay Press Gazette, September 8, 2002)

What's happening to the American home?
(Marilyn Gardner, The Christian Science Monitor, July 24, 2002)

The last safe place in the world
(Michael E. Ross, MSNBC News, July 2, 2002)

Looking for an escape in a dangerous world
(Jay Loomis, The Journal News, February 10, 2002)

Safe at home and all plugged in
(Mike Snider, USA Today, January 8, 2002)

Toy lists reflect 'cocooning' but still see room for fun
(Molly Prior, DSN Retailing Today, November 5, 2001)

Attacks on US lead to 'cocooning' effect: Expert
(AFP, October 17, 2001)

The American Metropolis at Century's End: Past and Future Influences
(Robert Fishman, Fannie Mae Foundation, 2000)

Trend Spotting
(Robert Mcgarvey, Entrepreneur magazine - December 1996)

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