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Features & Specifications of King Kooker Turkey Fryer

Want to know the secret of a great Thanksgiving turkey? Deep-fry it. The King Kooker Turkey Fryer prepares a delicious bird, and offers safety features that provide extra protection. Frying is simple using this outdoor cooker's heavy-duty 30-quart aluminum pot/basket, turkey rack, hook and two-handed lifter. The deep-fry thermometer allows you to cook your bird to perfection every time. For added safety, the fryer includes an automatic gas shut-off system.

King Kooker Turkey Fryer
30-quart aluminum pot/basket with lid, lifting rack and hook
Deep fry thermometer
Automatic gas shut-off system
UL-listed LP hose/regulator with Type 1 connection
Dimensions: 13 1/4"W x 13 1/4"D x 16 3/4"H
Also available at Wal-Mart stores

While the rest of the world is settling for bland oven-cooked turkey, here in Louisiana we're deep-frying our birds with King Kooker turkey frying rigs. You can, too. Turkeys and chickens fry quick, stay moist, and taste delicious. And, once you taste what our injector marinades do for a gobbler, you'll never settle for the same old bird.

What size turkey pot do I need? You can fry up to 16 lb turkeys in your 26 quart pot, and up to 20 lbs in your 30 quart pot.

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King Kooker Turkey Fryer

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