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Features & Specifications of Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone 2-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

Kitchen and household knives perform best and are safest when they are razor-sharp. The Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone 2-stage electric knife sharpener takes the guesswork out of expert sharpening and employs metal guides and 100 percent diamond abrasives to give you sharp, durable edges quickly and safely. Model No. 0130000.

Features Electric Knife Sharpener :

Patented, 2-stage process for most kitchen and household knives of any brand
Not intended for serrated knives
2-stage sharpening consists of sharpening and honing the blade, which creates a durable, sharp edge and removes less metal than other sharpening methods
100 percent diamond abrasives sharpen knives of any alloy, including carbon steel and stainless steel
Foolproof magnetic guides align the blade precisely and ensure the correct sharpening pressure
The diamond abrasives do not detemper your knives; the blade's hardness stays intact
Manufactured by Edgecraft
Available online only
Model No.: M300
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 3.2

Banish dull knives forever with this compact, two-stage sharpener. It's designed to put a razor-sharp, longer lasting edge on your kitchen and household knives. In stage one, the knife's edge is re-angled to create the first bevel, with orbiting, 100% diamond abrasives. In the second stage, micro diamonds hone a second bevel and polish the edge. Patented magnetic guides hold the knife at the precise angle and assure the correct sharpening pressure, eliminating any guesswork. Diamonds will sharpen knives of any alloy - carbon steel, stainless and more. The patented Diamond Hone multi-stage process removes less steel (or dust) from the edge than other sharpening methods. Along with this sharpener comes a bonus sharpener, designed for serrated knives.

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Electric Knife Sharpener
Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener

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