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Features & Specifications of Chicago Cutlery 7" Santoku Knife Forum Collection

If you consider yourself the at home chef, then this is the knife for you. The Santoku knife works much like a chef's knife, making it perfect for mincing, slicing and dicing. Indentations help prevent sticking so food falls right off the knife with each slice.

Features Santoku Knife :

Chicago Cutlery 7" Santoku Knife, Forum Collection:
Heavy-duty stainless steel forged blade with bolster for safety and balance
Full tang
Exclusive Taper Grind fine edge for super-sharp cuts and long-lasting sharpness
Hand wash
Online only
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.4

This seven-inch santoku knife combines the precision of a Western chef’s knife and the power of a Chinese cleaver. It’s an essential in most Japanese homes as well as many professional kitchens. Great for chopping and dicing herbs or vegetables, the broad, straight blade also produces razor-thin and precise slices of sashimi, or any other fish, meat, or poultry. Oval-shaped indentations on each side reduce friction for a cleaner cut and help release food so that it falls away from the blade.

Chicago Cutlery’s new Forum line appeals to those who want to combine value, performance, and the sleek contemporary appearance of a seamless all-stainless design. Made from heavy-duty high-carbon stainless steel for rust and stain resistance, they feature forged blades for a leap in quality above cheaper stamped knives, yet cost much less than famous-name German knives. Chicago’s exclusive Taper Grind edge is razor-sharp and cuts with precision; these knives will need to be re-sharpened on a regular basis, but they take an edge beautifully and with maintenance can stay out-of-the-box sharp for years to come. The full tang extends from one end of the knife to the other for a superbly-balanced feel and added strength, while the heavy-duty forged bolster enhances safety. Ergonomically-designed stainless steel handles feel comfortable in the hand. They join seamlessly to the blade for an elegant high-tech look that enhances contemporary kitchen décor even as it provides few places for food and bacteria to hide. Chicago Cutlery covers their knives with a lifetime guarantee; they recommend hand-washing and drying for best results.

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