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Features & Specifications of Breadman Ultimate Bread Maker TR2200C

GE 18 Qt. Roaster Oven with Buffet ServerWinner of the American Culinary Institute "2001 Best of Show Excellence" award. For just a little dough, you get a whole lotta bread machine! The Breadman Ultimate not only bakes French- and Pullman-style loaves, whole wheat breads, herb breads, nutty breads and unraised breads with almost no work from you, but it also makes bagel and pizza doughs, bakes cakes and even makes hassle-free fruit jam. Model No. TR2200C.

Also winner of the Good Housekeeping "Good Buy" award and the Consumer Digest "Best Buy" award
Makes 1-, 1-1/2- and 2-pound loaves
Makes pizza and bagel doughs
Makes cakes and fruit jams
More than 200 bread settings
Horizontal baking pan
Dispenser for "add-ins," such as nuts and herbs
24-hour delay-bake timer
Pause control
1-hour power failure backup
Removable lid with see-through window
Bake-only cycle with variable temperature control
VHS video manual and instruction manual with recipes included
Model No : TR2200C
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 16.0

What used to be a time-consuming, messy process is now a snap. Measure the ingredients into the Breadman Plus, push a few buttons, then go for a walk in the park. Return a few hours later--or after a good night's sleep--to the unforgettable aroma and taste of homemade bread. This machine will even make the jam to top it off.

The Breadman Ultimate makes and bakes most kinds of yeast bread--white, whole wheat, rye, honey banana, or crusty French--as well as quick or batter breads. Try the recipes in the booklet or your own favorites--just be sure the dry ingredients total less than about 5 cups so the dough doesn't overflow the 9-1/2-inch (nonstick) baking pan. If your recipe calls for adding ingredients late in the kneading cycle, there's a tray to hold and automatically dispense them. If you want to make bread that doesn't conform to the loaf shape, the machine can mix and raise the dough prior to shaping for baking in a conventional oven.

For the beginner the process couldn't be easier, and even if you're an old hand at making bread from scratch, you'll find yourself baking much more frequently. And this machine quickly pays for itself: think of how many $3 or $4 loaves you won't be buying over the bread maker's lifetime! One drawback is worth noting: If you're a fan of the Breadman Plus, you may be less satisfied with the mixing results of the Ultimate's single bread hook versus the Plus's dual dough hooks.

Think about how lovely it would be to wake up to the aroma of baking bread, and how equally satisfying it would be to present a warm, soft loaf of yeast or quick bread at the table for any meal. This programmable machine makes it so easy, there's no excuse for not making your own breads. You can put all the ingredients into the machine the night before, or the morning of, and program it to have the bread ready and waiting at the appropriate time.

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Breadman Bread Maker

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