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Features & Specifications of Morton System Saver Timer Softener 20,000 grain

Morton Salt offers this efficient, whole-house water-softening system. It gives you the latest technology in a space-saving, compact design. You'll enjoy better lathering soaps, whiter and brighter laundry, and clean spot-free dishes. Its 20,000 grain capacity is ideal for smaller households with low to average water hardness levels.

20,000 grain capacity
Highly efficient, uses less salt
150-pound salt storage capacity
Whole house system, ideal for smaller households with low to average water-hardness levels
Compact design, fits in a 1.3 square-foot space
Battery-free power interruption protection
Programmable timer with vacation setting
Regenerates on a schedule you set to meet your family's water needs
Removes up to 3 ppm clear water iron
Includes bypass valve, easy-installation kit, water-hardness test strip, 24-volt transformer and drain hose
Manufacturers warranty
Model MSS20B

Helpful Hints Before You Install Morton Water Softener :

Common tools needed:
Flat-head screwdriver
Tape measure
Tools and fittings for soldered copper pipe:
Tubing cutter
Propane torch
Lead-free solder and flux
Emery cloth, sandpaper or steel wool
Misc. fittings
Tools and fittings for threaded pipe:
Pipe cutter or hacksaw
Threading tool
Pipe joint compound
Misc. fittings
Tools and fittings for CPVC plastic pipe:
Pipe cutter
Adjustable wrench
Solvent cement
Misc. fittings

Model No.: Morton MSS20B
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 70.0
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 17.0 x 12.0 x 42.0
Instruction Manual: Y
Instruction Languages: English
Assembled in Country of Origin: USA


Morton™ System Saver™
Water Softeners are designed to provide the same high quality performance you have come to expect from Morton Salt products. These efficient whole-house systems come with an installation kit and offer a compact, space-saving design, power interruption protection & free technical support.

Manufacturer : Morton Salt

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Morton Water Softener System

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