Fedders Air Conditioner 5200 BTU 98.00$

Features & Specifications of Fedders Room Air Conditioner With Remote, 5,200 BTU

Think a room is too small to be air-conditioned economically? This quiet 5,200 BTU air conditioner is ideal for bedrooms, offices and smaller rooms. Designed to efficiently cool up to 150 square feet or a 10' x 15' room, it comes with a remote control.
Electronic touch controls with 24-hour timer
Automatic cooling mode
Temperature can be adjusted by 1 degree
Full-featured remote control
Fits window opening 19 to 36 inches wide and a minimum height of 12-3/4 inches
115 volts
9.7 energy efficiency rating
Mechanical controls
Compact, lightweight chassis
2-way air directors for even flow of air movement
2 cooling and 2 fan speeds
Expandable side panels for a perfect window fit
Ultra-accurate thermostat controls
Easy access washable filter
Childproof rear protective grill
Painted, galvanized steel cabinet resists corrosion
Rotary compressor for quiet, efficient and reliable operation
Top air flow with quiet fan design for smooth, undisturbed air movement and low noise
Cabinet size: 15-1/8"D x 18-5/8"W x 12-1/4"H
Model No. A6X05F2B
What is a BTU?
BTU stands for the British Thermal Unit, defined as the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water, one degree. The typical heat gain added to a room by a person at rest is about 230 BTUs per hour. So, a 10,000 BTU window air conditioner is capable of removing 10,000 BTUs of heat per hour. The higher the BTU, the easier and faster it is to cool a room.

Model No.: A6X05F2B
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 47.0


Manufacturer : Fedders

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Fedders 5200 BTU

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