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Features & Specifications of Bissell Carpet Sweeper 26507

For quick pickups without the hassle of tangled cords and vacuum noise, choose this updated traditional carpet sweeper from Bissell. It's great for picking up dirt, crumbs and pet hair in your home or in buildings without electricity, such as cabins and garages.
6-brush system provides superior carpet and floors pickup by using the dual brush roll system with patented angle brushes
Uses 4 corner brushes to maximize cleaning around corners, walls and baseboards
Has 2 large-capacity dirt pans and is made out of heavy-duty metal construction
Dual brush roll system is quiet
6-wheel system for easy rolling
Manual operation, does not use electricity or batteries
Model No. Bissell 26507
Floor Type: Carpet
Cleaning Function: Quick Cleaning
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 4.3


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* Dual Brush Action * Picks up crumbs, dirt, pet hair, and more. Brush rolls work in opposite directions, picking up dirt going forward and back. * Multi Functional * With no cord to plug in, or dust pan to deal with, the * Perfect Sweep is always convenient to use! * Easy To Use * Six wheel system automatically adjusts to all floor surfaces, and six brushes ensure maximum cleaning. * Heavy-duty steel construction. * Large capacity, easy to empty twin dirt pans. * Handle lies flat under furniture. * No-Slip Handle. * Includes brush comb. * Lifetime Warranty. Model: 26506

Manufacturer : Bissell Carpert Sweepers

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Bissell Carpet Sweeper

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