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Features & Specifications of Stamina Twist N Step Stepper

Stamina's Twist N Step features a unique twisting, step motion that works your buttocks, hips and thighs. You'll get one of the best fat-burning and cardiovascular workouts with this great value!
Unique twisting-step motion makes a better workout
Sturdy steel construction
Shock-resistance to protect your knees and joints
Multi-function display lets you keep track of your progress
Product dimensions 22.5" x 13" x 53"
Learn More: Fitness Facts About Stepping

Stepping simulates stair climbing, but instead of actual steps it uses alternating pedals or platforms
It's an aerobic activity that gives you a low-impact, high-intensity exercise
Stepping helps you get a sleek, tone look
Muscle Zones:
Stepping uses muscles in your lower body, especially:
Hips (gluteus maximus)
Front of thighs (quadriceps)
Back of thighs (hamstrings)
Calves (gastrocnemius)
Brands You Trust: Stamina
Since 1987, Stamina's focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Stamina Products Inc. continues to pursue perfection through the design excellence of its home fitness products. It's dedicated to building a healthier stronger you, with your body in mind.

Features: Unique twisting-step motion makes a better workout
LCD: Multi-function display keeps track of progress
Resistance: Shock-resistance to protect your knees and joints
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 36.0


Amazon Product Description :
Authorized Stamina Dealer. The Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper is an economically priced Stepper that will shape your torso and lower body at the same time by incorporating the stepping motion into a swiveling platform. Easy to use with preset hydraulic resistance, the handlebars are adjustable and the console allows you to track distance, time, calories burned and strides per minute.Stepping with a twist. The only Stepper in the line with a swiveling stepper platform, the Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper allows you to shape your lower body and torso at the same time using a simple twist and step motion. Providing a more complete workout, the pre-set hydraulic resistance cylinders have been built into each foot pedal to allow you the opportunity to rotate within a 180 degree range of motion while you twist and step your way to tone and shape your torso and lower body at the same time. A workout that involves more than just a simple stepping action, the Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper offers individuals an affordable way to step and twist their problem areas away. Providing a low impact workout, the Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper only occupies a 22.5 x 13 inch footprint in your home. Lightweight and comfortable to use, the 36 pound Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper includes an adjustable handlebar system that allows you to adjust the height of the handlebars to your most comfortable workout position. Conveniently placed, the user friendly multi-functional monitor provides you with feedback on the status of your workout. Displaying distance, time, strides/minute and approximate calories burned, the Stamina Twist-N-Step Stepper keeps you up to date with your workout progress.

Manufacturer : Stamina Fitness

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