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Features & Specifications of Fitness Quest Bosu Home Balance Trainer

Instability is in! The Bosu Balance Trainer strengthens your core and stabilizer muscles -- 2 commonly overlooked but essential areas to work out -- by forcing your body to constantly adjust to its unstable surface. Includes a 30-minute instructional video, owner's manual and foot pump.

Ever-changing surface works your core and stabilizer muscles
Adjust the amount of inflation to suit your workout goals
Great for sports conditioning as well as standard workouts
Currently used as a training tool by leading sports teams
Designed to be safe and long-lasting
Total Body Workout video combines balance, cardiovascular, toning and stretching in dynamic and effective workouts for: abdominals, aerobics and toning for the lower body

Features: Combines balance, toning, cardio and stretching
Accessories: Total body workout video, foot pump
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 17.0


Amazon Product Description :
Based on the science of neuromuscular physiology, the Bosu Home Balance Trainer uses familiar exercises—such as leg raises, lunges, abdominal crunches, push-ups and stretches—but forces you to move with control on an ever-changing surface. The Bosu Home is an inflated, thick rubber dome on a flat, 25" round platform—just like the version you use at the gym. It can be used with the platform side either up or down for different types of balance challenge. Two recessed handles on the bottom make it easy to carry. Perfect for sport-specific training, it literally keeps all the muscles in the body activated as it tones, offering a dynamic workout unlike any other. Includes a total body workout video with aerobic and strength training routines, stretching and flexibility exercises, and balance training. Also includes step pump for inflating and Fitness Quest Eating Plan. Not for commercial use. Warranty void if used commercially. 10Hx25" dia.

Manufacturer : Fitness Quest

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