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1- I am a manufacturer. I believe my products might interest you. What should I do? We do not sell products. Instead, we identify best online stores where you can buy products we love. Then, you have to contact directly these independant stores.

2- I do not live in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. Can I order products suggested on your website? Cocoon Zone is dedicated to Americans (United States and Canada) interested in cocooning. Most of these products originate or are made in North America, and are intended solely for the North American market.

3- What is the Newsletter? If I purchase a product, will I automatically receive the Newsletter? The Newsletter is a concise brochure that Cocoon Zone publishes on an intermittent basis and distributes in electronic format (e-mail). We send it to interested cocooners who wish to be informed about new products available on the web. You do not automatically receive the Newsletter by buying at stores suggested by Cocoon Zone product; to receive the Newsletter, you must subscribe to it (by completing the Subscription Form).

4- Affiliate Program? Products we show on our site come from selected leader companies that we suggest to cocooners. You then leave our website and this partner handles the order, shipping and billing. Please note: we are not responsible for products bought at other stores (Affiliate Program).

5- What is Cocoon Zone? Cocoon has been built by cocooners and is dedicated to inform people about stay-at-home lifestyle products. We hope you enjoy.

6- Do you really answer questions about products? Of course, yes! However, if you are looking for very detailed or technical questions, we will put you in touch with the manufacturer's customer questions. So, don't hesitate to contact us through email.

7- How can I become an Editor at Cocoon Zone? Do you hire people? Cocoon Zone is currently looking for someone interested in "carcooning" (nothing to see with "car tuning"). The salary is based upon the candidate’s experience and qualifications in this field. 5 to 10 hours per month. The candidate must be a US or a Canadian resident. You can send your application to (name, location, background and interest in carcooning).

8- Do you accept link exchange? Cocoon Zone only exchanges links with relevant websites. Also, we only trade if your website has a PageRank of at least 2. Copy/Paste the following code first :

<a href="" target="_blank">Cocoon Zone Online Store</a> - Products for a stay-at-home lifestyle.

Then, e-mail us at with the details of your site : Title, Description, URL and the URL where your reciprocal link is located.

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