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You can't connect it if you don't have the right cables. Be ready with this handy basic-level HDTV connection kit. Plus, you'll save nearly 50% compared to what you'd pay buying all the cables separately.

Items Included

Miniplug to RCA Audio Cable

The Philips Miniplug to Left / Right RCA Jack Stereo "Y" Adapter is a multi-functional cable that provides a connection for various audio sources such as DVD/CD players, TVs, Satelite Receivers, and Computers. It also allows the playing of portable devies such as MP3 players thru your home stereo.
Philips gold series cables are designed to deliver the highest possible signal strength and clarity, so you can see and hear every detail of your favorite music and movies
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DVI Cable

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) cables deliver the brightest, most accurate colors and sharpest detail by transferring data in pure digital form to deliver true high-definition, all-digital video.
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Component Cable

3 separate cables connect the component video outputs of a DVD player to a TV that has component video inputs. Component video connections offer better performance than S-video or standard composite video connections.


Shipping weight in pounds: 1.15


Manufacturer : RCA

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RCA Connection kit

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