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Features & Specifications of Panasonic DMR-ES40VS Progressive Scan DVD Recorder with Built-In VCR

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Watch and record at the same time. You sit down to watch this week's episode of your favorite show and realize that you never got around to watching your recording of last week's episode. Not a problem with Time Slip, featuring simultaneous record and play. All this and more with Panasonic's advanced DVD Recorder model.

As the player records a current show, you can watch your recording of last week's episode
Chasing Playback feature: you don't have to wait for the program to finish recording in order to watch it
One-Touch Record automatically scans the disc for blank space before starting the recording process. No more worries that your favorite sitcom's season finale will be overwritten by a family member's Sunday fishing show
Browse through your recordings using thumbnails for faster ID
Copy home videos with one button
Preserve your precious VHS tapes by transferring them to DVD, which will provide durability and many years of enjoyment
Film-like image quality
Advanced progressive scan playback techniques and very accurate MPEG video decoders
Records to DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R Discs


Model No.: DMR-ES40VS
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 16.75

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Manufacturer : Panasonic

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Panasonic DVD Recorder

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