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Features & Specifications of Magnavox 15" LCD Flat Panel TV

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A versatile and handy little flat TV that's a tremendous value. Bedroom. Kitchen. Office. This compact 15-inch LCD TV is at home just about anywhere, can be hooked up to most video sources and can also be used as a computer monitor. Comes complete with built-in NTSC (common analog) tuner and remote control (batteries included).

Compact 15-inch Size
Fits almost anywhere; ideal for the office or any room in the home. (Great for watching cooking shows in the kitchen!)
Saves valuable desk or countertop space
Contrast Ratio: 450:1
Provides an intense image with rich colors
Resolution: 768 x 1024
For a sharp picture with greater detail
XGA Panel
Ensures fast "response" time so sports and other fast-moving content are clear and without motion blur
140-degree Viewing Angle
Wide enough to make every seat in the room a good one
Stereo Sound
Makes your favorite programs sound their best
AV Inputs
Increases versatility for hookup of a DVD player, camcorder or just about any other AV component
VGA Input
Allows you to use your TV as a high-resolution PC monitor
S-Video Input
For better images from a wide variety of video sources. Also includes common composite video input
Remote Control Included
Batteries, too!
Note: Don't forget to get the cables and other accessories for your new TV.


Brightness: 280 Cd/m2
Contrast: 450:1
Widescreen: No
Model No.: 15MF400T/37
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 12.1


Manufacturer : Magnavox

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Magnavox 15MF400T

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