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Dust Collectors Industrial Systems

PAAF Dust Collection Systems Cartridges & Bag Collectors Housings and Factories.

Dust Collectors - 4 models available for short or long-term rental : cyclone, pulse filter, electrostatic precipitator and wet scrubber with their appropriate bag cartridges. Various systems using a reverse air cleaning flow with a blast gate and integrated pickup hoods. The dust disposal tank has its own airlock and 2 bags of 250 gallons capacity / 2000 lbs. We also provide the extension kit with the pipe connecting inlet, the blower engine (40 hp of power) and 4 heavy duty rubber wheels built-in aluminum casts.
Dust collectors vacuum

Manufacturer of dust collectors and bin vents. Wih projects ranging from 1500 cfm to 2 million cfm we can help you find the right fit for your application. Contact an engineer by phone today for a free estimate (buy one or rent one).

The oscillating spindle sander with the the scroll saw has a fan filter module hopper leg structure control panel rotary airlock discharge point 55 gallon drum.

Brands :

Hydrotron Benchtron Dustron Downtron Pulsatron Cyclotron Weldtron Mistron Flowtron Bob

AQE - Indusco - Murphy Rogers - Trion - ProVent - Scientific Dust Collectors

12 000 CFM
20 000 CFM
60 000 CFM with Long Life Filter Cartridges Included

Reverse fan cleaning baghouses

Portable Dust Collectors

Industrial Dust Collector : Looks like a safe because it's built like a safe = dust problems solved.

Types of dusts (listing) :

Abrasive Blasting Acrylic Plastic Air Blasting
Aluminum Aluminum Blasting Aluminum Oxide
Arc Spray Bead Blast Bean Dirt
Black Beauty Blast Rooms Blast
Brake Shoe Brick Cabinet Blasting
Carbide Tool Carbon Black Cardboard
Cast Iron Grinding Cellulose Flour Cereal
Cement Ceramic Chemical Processing
Chrome Oxide Chrome Polishing Cigarette
Clay Color Pigments Corn Seed
Corn Starch Corrugators Cosmetics
Cross Flow Ventilation Crushed Rock Cutting Galv. Steel
Dried Soap Lubricant Dried Tree Bark Dye Powders
EAW Spraying Egg Shell and Emerald Creek Garnet
Excavation Sites Feldspar Fertilizer
Fine Powder Flame Spray Fiberglass Fine Grinding
Fine FRP Fine Wood Sanding Flours
Food Processing Frit Fumed Silica
General Ventilation Glass Making Ingred. Grain/Agriculture
Granite Graphite Grinding
Grit Blasting Ground Powder Gypsum
Gun Powder Smoke Hard Foam Herbicide
High Vacuum HVOF Incinerator Ash & Sand
Insecticides Iron and Chrome Iron Casting Sand
Laser Cutting Fumes Lime Light Carbon
Lumber Mills Marble Meat Meal
Metal Metal Flame Spray Mica
Mill Mill Transfer Points Mining
Nickel Nickel Salt Nuisance
Nutritional Supplement Ochre (Pigment Iron) Paper
Peening Pesticide Mixer Pharmaceutical
Phenolic Castings Phthalocyanine Pigments
Pill - Talc Plasma Cutting Plasma Spray
Plaster Plastic Blast Beads Plastic Media Blasting
Pneumatic Conveying Polyester Short Fibers Polymer
Polyurethane Yarn Portable Welding Powder Coating
Powder Spraying Precleaner PVC Grinding
Raw Agricultural Products Rubber Cork Grinding Rubber Grinding
Rubber Grip Sanding Rubber Recycling Sand
Sand Blasting Sanding Sawdust
School Wood Shops Seed Processing Shot Blast Material
Silica Solar Panel Fabrication Spices
Starblast Media Starch Steel Deburring
Steel Grit Steel Shot Blast Styrene
Tablet Coating Tablet Press Talc
Textile Thermal Spray Tire Manufacturing
Titanium Dioxide Toner Ventilation
Welding Fume Wheel Blasting Wood
Zinc Almedia

3 head industrial dust collectors for rent

Baghouse Dust Collectors - Innovative Baghouse Design with a Patented Pulse Jet Cleaning System.

Control hazzardous dust, flame & sparks for OSHA/NFPA compliance

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Aircon Corporation Memphis Tennessee
Electrostatic Precipitator
Designers, manufactures & installers of custom dust collection & pneumatic conveying systems.

Springfield MA HVAC heating air conditioning ventilation dust collector boiler mechanical contractors providing services to local commercial industrial businesses...

Atlantic Design
XL 16 Dust Collector
ADI manufactuers high quality blast recycling systems, portable and stationary dust collectors and industrial vacuum systems for the Blasting and Coatings Industry.

Bagging Scales, Bucket Elevators, Compressed Air Filters, Conveyors, Dryers, Dust Collectors, Fans, Level Monitors, Packaging, Seed Cleaners, Solids Flow Meters, Vibrators.

National Filter Media Corp. Wallingford
LMC West Rotary Airlocks
1) Chamber filter press cloths with edge seal 2) Filter paper (all types varieties) 3) Vacuum filter belts drum covers 4) Disc sector bags 5) Belt press belts 6) Dust collector cages 7) Pressure

Arnold Equipment Company - Chemical Process Equipment Cleveland Ohio
Vacuum pump
Used Process Equipment for the Chemical Industry.

Fisher-Klosterman Dust Collectors Louisville Kentucky
VTS Venturi Scrubber
Air pollution control, dust collection, petroleum refining and product recovery equipment, systems, and accessories, including cyclones, scrubbers, baghouses, cartridge.

Aget Manufacturing Company Adrian Detroit
Baghouse collector
1 and 2-Stage CycloneCollectors Fabric Filter Baghouse Systems Coolant/Mist Collectors AGET Manufacturing Company Designing And Building Dust Collectors, Mist Collectors, And Systems For Heavy Industry + Returns clean air to the workplace + dustkop push-thru cyclone belt drive.

U.S. Electrical Tool Miamitown
Polluted particles collector
Manufacturer of pedestal grinders, buffers, abrasive belt grinders, dust collectors, lathe grinders, snagging, floorstand grinders and skiving grinder...









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